Hacker thanks CIO East African writer for exposing his blog to traffic

Indonesian hacker Kenya Government Website

CIO East Africa was among the media outlets that broke the news of a widespread hacking that happened yesterday to the Kenyan Government websites. Apparently all the websites are hosted in one server without any redundancy or good security. Once the server was compromised by the hacker all the websites became vulnerable and were brought down all in one night, well it was during the day here.

The Hacker, Direxer from Indonesia calls this his Black hat SEO method of getting traffic to his blog. He also promises more to come if the said Kenyan Government websites do not employ better security measures.

He had this message to CIO East Africa in thanks:

Thanks for the CIO who has written a story about hacking. I rarely make my own writings on the web.I only use the Blackhat SEO techniques so that my blog good traffic. and I will carry out attacks onother servers if the Government is still neglectingsecurity. My Security Code on behalf of Indonesia,Security is a necessity.

Website security has been an item of concern as we had the Kenya Police website hacked, a show of neglect and utter unprofessionalism by the people in charge. We wonder what would happen to government web systems that would compromise on personal data including personal details like names, phone numbers, Pin numbers and financial details.