Galaxy Note users to get Personalized Engraving in South Korea

engraved galaxy note

engraved galaxy noteSamsung Galaxy Note purchasers in South Korea will get a chance to have their phablets (that’s what they call Galaxy note since its a blend of both a smartphone and a tablet) engraved. This service will be available till the 31st of March for consumers purchasing the device at Samsung’s Digital Plaza stores. Dont know whether it will be available to previous purchasers.

Engraving will be done by laser and will be etched on the battery cover. Users will have an option to choose fonts and text to appear on their Galaxy note to suit their personality. Well, this is a feature I would also want to see on my phone, kind of like a personal branding. Meanwhile, Samsung Galaxy note will be launching in Kenya in the first half of February, but its available in the shops for Kshs. 70,000.



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