Galaxy Note 10.1 is better than new iPad according to Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 vs new iPad

Samsung recently announced that they are gonna be releasing a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 soon, the announcement was made at MWC, though the device specifications are not yet so clear. Apple announced the iPad 3 which was named the New iPad, to the surprise of many people, priding itself with Retina display and good battery life. Not to be beaten, Samsung released a graphical sheet with points indicating that indeed the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 yet to be released is better than the ipad.Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 vs new iPad
The main hit areas that Samsung wanted known are the multi-tasking abilities of the latest of their tablet offing, compared to the biggest rival in the tablets business, the New Ipad. Sammy says that the Galaxy Note 10.1 can allow one view, work with two apps, take notes with one app while viewing content on another, mainly pointing out that Galaxy Note 10.1 is the leader in multitasking. They also listed the tablet’s ability to allow a user to write just like they would on pen and paper(death to the pen and paper?) making it clear that the Note has 255 pressure levels given value by the S-pen compared to the iPad’s one pressure level.

Weight and thickness is also a marketing edge according to the comparison sheet, ability to use a usb 2.0 mouse, expand storage upto 32GB and control home theater equipment with integrated IR port. The stylus has come under heavy criticsm since the inception of the 5.3′ Galaxy Note, but the same peripheral is come to give the iPad a run for its money.

What do you think, is that a noteworthy selling point for the Note 10.1?