A Safaricom Easter, aimed at making service easier for the user

Blackberry complete Easter surprise

In the quest to make using Safaricom sevices easier for the customer, Safaricom has added a few surprises at their Customer Self-help portal  to make the process a bit exciting. Safaricom self-help portal lists all the FAQs that users have been asking, on one location. Makes it easy since if a query has been asked you can get quick fixes in seconds just by doing a search. You get to click yes or no on whether the answer presented to you was helpful. If there are no results for the query searched, you will be presented with a form to fill the specific query, complete with email address and phone number for quick response.

Along with it, and Easter, came surprises ranging from easter eggs to easter offers. See below a list of surprises I got while searching, you may go on searching to see if you can discover more:

Blackberry Complete

I searched for this search term and was presented with every text inverted save for the search results.

Blackberry complete Easter surprise

Transfer Bonga Points

This one was abit more exciting because it exposed a peel off right top that showed a link to the Easter Offers page for the shoppers.

 Bonga Points Easter offer

Top up another number

As you may have noted, these are the search terms you will find yourself asking on the self help web portal, this too had its bit of surprise beyond giving its list of FAQs answering possible queries. 5 colourful easter eggs following your cursor. You wish they followed it even away from your page.

Top up another number Easter

Mpesa Menu

I also did search for Mpesa Menu, just for the fun of it. As you know the Safaricom USSD menu *544# is very frequently updated, I wanted to see if the same applies to Mpesa, got some lovely Easter eggs dropping all over my screen, maroon in colour.Mpesa easter surprise

Report Fake SMS

Last but not least,  chances that everyone of us Safaricom Subscribers have had a chance of recieving a text alerting us of some unparticipated lotteries, with very great winnings. Many have fallen for the pranks. Many of us will know a fake winning sms within seconds, be it from the number of origination, language of the text and also the fact that you dont remember ever participating in any lottery. For the sake of the ones who will be prone to fall for the pranks, its always wise to report these fraudsters. A search for Report Fake SMS led me to these beautiful balls that I played with for a long time. They move around when clicked and dragged with the cursor, clicking an empty screen sprouts others.Report Fake SMS
That should be quite an Easter wish for Safaricom subcsribers, stay safe! And I also steal the chance to wish you readers Happy Holidays!


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