Safaricom, its not the speed that’s most important but the security

Safaricom unlimited internet

Safaricom unlimited internetIf that option that Safaricom was gonna announce as a result of the cancellation of the unlimited bundle was a good, viable option, Safaricom did themselves bad by not announcing both at the same time. Reason being, before consumers have the chance to compare, they will have already vented, as you can see here.

If we are not reading from the same script, I suggest you start by reading this post about the Safaricom Unlimited Internet announcement and see where I am coming from. Safaricom after announcing the discontinuation of service, included a line that would leave one thinking, “Could I just apply a wait and see or could I weigh in the options?” After-all there is still a whole month you can use the unlimited Safaricom internet, since the announcement read:

Customers who may have purchased any unlimited data bundle on or before tonight’s deadline will enjoy the full use of the purchased bundle for the duration of its validity.

You see, unless you are using your unlimited internet on your mobile phone, switching would involve buying a new piece of hardware, since telcos knew best, not to allow interoperability of their modems for their own good. That is unless you hack into the thing, and that doesnt give you good service across networks, I tried it once.

So clearly, since what keeps one using the unlimited internet is the security of knowing you are covered for a specific time within your control, and fixed home or office connections are not an available option to thousands of users, what next?

Brings me to this, questions/points for Safaricom to ponder:

  1. What do you think about users who connect via modem, choose unlimited because they wish to be sure they are connected all month or all week?
  2. Tethering via phone: There is the chance that the user will do that to their computer, and possibly a friend’s, wouldn’t this still be the 512 speed they are sharing, or the revised speeds, whichever the case.
  3. Unlimited data use on phones, for the case of phones that are naturally data guzzlers, Android users can relate. The easiest way to check oneself, while ensuring you are still reading mail, tweeting, commenting on my blog and facebooking, would be via an unlimited connection.
  4. Fill this in with something I have not considered ___________________.

Is there assurance that Safaricom Unlimited data orphans will have something close in value, even with the new offers in the oven?


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