Orange launches Public sector VPN service

Xavier Villegas CBMO, Orange Kenya
Xavier Villegas, Chief Business Market Officer, Orange Kenya
Xavier Villegas CBMO, Orange Kenya
Xavier Villegas, Chief Business Market Officer, Orange Kenya

Orange Business VPN service was launched in the year 2010 and has served a large number of clientelle with an efficient, reliable, affordable and fast communication platform whose ultimate goal is to enhance service delivery. Needs and requirements of citizens are evolving, hence making the need for technological requirements of government agencies and parastatals are also growing. These dynamics are the ones that prompted Orange to review their VPN and come up with Orange Business VPN which adds security, flexibility in deployment, 24/7 support and backup. County governments implementation has brought the need to implement this service country-wide to provide a steady, cost-efficient and reliable communication service.

Integrated Financial Management Information Systems (IFMIS) roll-out became necessary as a result of the move of the country to adopt e-commerce as the preferred means of business transactions and hence the need for efficient communication infrastructure.

The Internet Value proposition for the Public Sector Virtual Private network is:

  • Savings on Cost: to optimise on costs n budget by combining internet and VPN, reducing access, bandwidth, operational and firewall expenses
  • Security: the Orange VPN is a standard to complex customer security requirements, additional value-added application and security service.
  • Internet Access: it provides secure access through Public Sector VPN offer-available all over the country.
  • Control: offers internet traffic that can be managed by Orange, the ISP.
  • Simplicity: it provides simplicity, with a unique service offering at two levels, Telkom or customer managed.

The target clientelle is public sector and government agencies with various ICT requirements, mostly those serving regional offices like those that originated from the formation of county government.

Organisations already signed up with the solution include Equity and Barclays Bank and NSSF among others.