Telkom Kenya Outs Free Amkia MBundle For Early Risers


Telkom Kenya, which plans to drop the Orange Kenya name, has introduced a mobile data subscription called Amkia MBundle. Based on its name, the 50MB bundle package will be activated at 6AM upto 8AM every morning.

The ‘early bird’ offering is available for all pre-pay subscribers with a cellular smart gadget, and can be accessed on a once opt-in option that will run for the next three months. Accessing the bundle is done by dialing *50#, and it will be renewed everyday.

The good news is that the data offering is completely free; it is a subscription option, yes, but you will not pay for it. However, if you do not like free bundles and would rather pay for them, then you can opt out by dialing *11#.

Telkom Kenya’s Chief Marketing Officer, Mr Levi Nyakundi has mentioned that the bundle is aimed at early internet users based on its activation time, which is a bold move for bailing out those who have exhausted their data in the morning. Mr Levi emphasized on this point by saying that:

“The Amkia MBundle campaign is centered on creating a unique Internet proposition that optimizes data usage efficiency for customers by providing another service offering that has been informed by diverse customer needs and changing trends. This offering will enable our customers to surf the Internet, stay connected and experience our services longer, during the early morning hours.”

This bundle comes in at a time when the telco is undergoing massive transformation in an effort to stamp its authority in the local market. Such transformations include plans to roll out 4G services to augment its 3G sites that have been deployed in Naivasha, Kijabe, among other towns.

It is clear that mobile service providers are up to task in releasing new data deals to tap into the ever-growing Internet market such as with a variety of options such FLEX and BLAZE offerings from Safaricom as well as Unliminet by Airtel. There is a lot of competition in this space, which has been fueled by massive adoption of handhelds that access the internet. While at it, make sure you are aware of data usage patterns based on a piece that we covered here.



    • They have to. In my opinion, a 50MB bundle for those two hours sounds like a good deal to me because you can do a lot with that.

    • I don’t think they try hard enough. These guys have the capacity to be Data Kings but I believe they still have that parastatal hangover and are thus not innovative or willing to do anything about it.

      • Agreed! There is a huge data market that is untapped. Every telco seems to be concentrating on the <100MB segment. There are heavy data users that are looking to be serviced with quality and at affordable rates. They are probably looking at their own internal data (that shows them that maybe 99% of their users only use 20MB in a day) in making some of these decisions but they are ignoring a segment of the market that can turn their fortunes around.

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