Safaricom Introduces FLEX, a New Bundle Aimed at “The Hustler”

safaricom discontinues flex bundles

Two weeks ago, we gave you an insider scoop that Safaricom was working on a new product dubbed “FLEX for hustlers”. We got wind that Safaricom was planning to launch the new service sometime this week. FLEX will allow customers to use their airtime to buy “FLEX units” which can then be used for data, voice and SMS with no fixed allocation to any of the three.

Flex bundles, which were already live at the time of publishing this article, is for segmenting Safaricom’s customers to ensure the telco is able to provide specific needs to their customers. According to Safaricom, FLEX is in line with the strategic pillar of “customer first”.

With FLEX bundles, Safaricom is targeting the demographic that use Airtel and Orange interchangeably, in search of value for their money, aka cheaper options.

To Purchase FLEX units, dial *100# or *200# (for PostPay) and select ‘FLEX’. You can then buy any of the bundles below:

115 FLEX units @ Ksh. 99 valid for 24 hours.

700 FLEX units @ Ksh. 599 valid for 7 days.

3,100 FLEX units @ Ksh. 2,499 valid for 30 days.

FLEX units will then be used for voice, data and SMS, as defined below:

1 FLEX unit – 20 Seconds talk time

1 FLEX unit – 3 MB of data

1 FLEX unit – 3 text messages

What this means is that if you have purchased the daily FLEX bundle, you will be deducted 3 FLEX units for each minute of talk-time. Three text messages sent, will see you get deducted 1 FLEX unit while 3MB of data will cost you 1 FLEX unit.

Assuming that you will use the 115 FLEX units on data, you will get 345MB, using the daily bundle on SMS will get you 345 texts and using the bundle just for calling will get you about 38 minutes of talk time.

The bundles are available to all customers (PrePay and PostPay) apart from special tariffs such as corporate tariffs (Zidisha Plus). Safaricom will also award customers who have an active FLEX bundle 3 FLEX units every time they send money through M-PESA, but only for transactions above Ksh. 100, and the awarded units will be valid for only 24 hours.


  1. mmmmmm smart move by Safaricom. But can’t help but see this offer as being not so much different from the Blaze bundles, which are still a disappointment to me in terms of their validity period
    Also looking at the market the 1month 2499 FLEX can only be compared to the Airtel UnlimiNET 2000, and the latter offers better value for money, even though for some reason Airtel decided to reduce all their UnlimiNET bundle allocations
    I still don’t think that the prices are affordable for “the hustler”, yet, and the only offer currently in the market that tries to give value for money is the new Telkom Holla call rates though they do not have ‘generous’ data bundle allocations
    Bottom line; “the hustler” is still being screwed

      • I concur … It stil doesn’t suit the hustler
        It look expensive still for the weekly and monthly flex …. The data is okey and the mins and sms but 599 and 2999 isnt affordable for a hustler

    • Actually, the title “hustler” didnt find it meaning basically on these platform .ksh 99 gives more than 40min talktime, if I subscribers for daily SMS I think I can get more than 1000 SMS for ksh 100.then ,I which way does flex suits hustlers.Nkt

  2. Too complicated. I still use safcom only for mpesa. They should just introduce an unliminet kinda deal.

  3. boo hoo…I buy 300 mb for 39 bob from airtel/yu.499 bob gives you 3 gb.Eti 345 mb for 99 bob?That money will buy me 600 mb from airtel na change ibaki.Safcom wacheni hizo.

  4. This offer is simply the same as the Daily Bundle offers. Only that they’ve added minutes, and made it more flexible. (I say this from my calculations). Nice creativity, though! However, the term ‘Hustler’is misused here. The rates are way too expensive for a hustler. No hustler can set aside 2000/= at a go for just data and voice calls. They get money in small bits like 200/= and 500/= which is majorly consumed by their daily struggles. Only a small percentage is always allocated to such expenses. Safaricom should get a new adviser, their current adviser is too mean to see the world clearly.

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