Samsung Galaxy S III goodness out ahead of time, now we have S Voice

Samsung S Voice

Samsung S VoiceThe newest flagship Smartphone/superphone Samsung Galaxy S III from Samsung has had many talking, and even more eagerly awaiting it. More because of the features that made the words “made for humans” make sense. Some of these were the quite responsive S Voice developed in-house to compete with Siri from Apple, launched last year with the iPhone 4s. Flipboard is officially coming to Android but was supposed to come sometime later after some exclusivity on Samsung Galaxy S III, but that’s nolonger the case. Some sharp developer who had access to the device stripped off the .apk file and made it available to millions who installed it on milliards of devices, including several that I own.

That came to pass, in the comments where the dev leaked the app, someone asked, would you do the same for S Voice?

The asker’s wish came true, albeit with some differences. S Voice was developed specifically for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and no backward compatibility, so folks like me who havent got the ICS upgrade notification cannot install it. DISCLAIMER: I havent rooted my devices, so not even the already available official and custom ROMs are within my reach. And the other specific is that it needs to be rooted for you to install. So I miss out on technicalities, but I am going to root it, I need to show screenshots, and get the answers myself to all the stupid questions I will find myself asking. Who uses these things creatively anyway?

So for those who meet the above criteria, the .apk works on other devices too, hit this link and get the several options to download S Voice.

Tell me if you did. And I appreciate any comments, I would assist if required to.

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