48 hour Hack fest (#Nokiahack) coming to a town near you

Nokia Hackathon

Nokia HackathonWhat do you get when you put 100 developer brains in one room for 48 hours? Loads of awesome apps! Well, Nokia is organizing one of the biggest hack-fest for QT Developers. Dubbed “Nokia Hack” the competition will challenge participants to develop the best Qt apps. Qt offers a UI framework for the development of rich, compelling apps for Nokia smartphones such as those based on Nokia Belle.

100 developers will gather for 48 hours on 23rd and 24th June to compete against each other in app development. They will be treated to a number of fun leisure activities to keep the energy high, as well as chill out zones for some downtime.Venue of event will be at 88MPH,Human IPO STartup Garage, at the 4th floor of Piedmont Plaza from 8am-5pm.

The overall winner will receive Ksh1 million, while the second and third runners up will receive Ksh300,000 and Ksh100,000 respectively. In addition, there will be special mention prizes where 10 apps will receive Ksh10,000 each. Judges for the competition will be trainers selected from Emobilis training school. Certificates of participation will also be issued and winning apps will take home trophies.


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