Multichoice launches #supportTeamKenya campaign online

Support Team Kenya

Support Team Kenya

It’s that season again, when Kenya goes out to the Olympics and fetches the medals like they were made specifically for them. Kenyans want to show support for the team that they hold so dearly for flying the Kenyan flag high. Multichoice held a Flashmob at midday Friday 27th at the junction of Koinange and Monrovia streets in the middle of the Nairobi city, Kenya. Dancers showed their energy at what was a virtually empty street and Kenyans joined in on the fun. It was such an enthusiastic crowd rallying Team Kenya to bring home the medals.

The fun has gone online under the Harsh tag #supportTeamKenya with tweets of personal experiences and images of the same. See the video below to catch a glimpse of the fun that was.

Kenyans on seeing this video have got such a huge reaction with the feeling of patriotism. This is one of the videos that would go viral the makmende rate. As at now there’s over 2000 views of the video, and it was just announced on youtube a few hours ago.

The Olympics will be exclusively aired on 3 DStv bouquets, these being:

DStv Premium getting single view channels and 4 HD channels

DStv Compact+ will get 2 channels- SuperSport Gold and Silver

DStv Compact will get SuperSport Silver

The 4 HD channels are

  • SS HD2 Channel 174-Supersport Gold
  • SS HD3 Channel 176-SupersSport Silver
  • SS HD4 Channel 178- SuperSport Bronze
  • SS HD5 CHannel 179- SuperSport Spirit

And the 4 SD Channels being

  • SuperSport 4 (Channel 204)- SuperSport Gold
  • SuperSport 5 (CHannel 205)- SuperSport Silver
  • SuperSport 6 (Channel 206)- SuperSport Bronze
  • SuperSport 7 (Channel 207)- SuperSport Spirit