Things are about to change, says Nokia

Nokia September 5

Nokia has just posted a video of a sleek model in red riding a bicycle at a port, now before you go analysing her physiques, at the end there is a big bold message reading “Things are about to change”. Now as we all know, Nokia has been trying to reverse the downward trend of things as they have been since the talk of burning platforms. Nokia will be having a joint event with Microsoft on the 5th of September to announce the Windows phone 8 OS and phones running it. The average user may be confused as to why this lady in the video is drawing waves and other gestures while riding the bike, that’s if the video wasn’t uploaded by Nokia, but you can read through this as that Nokia will be bringing camera power on the Windows phone 8 devices, probably getting the pureview goodness on the next Nokia Windows Phone device, whatever the case we want good things to come out of the Finnish factory. Or what did I miss? See the video below and tell me.

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