Learning Valley and Technology Partners Ltd Launch a Webcasting Platform

Presentations 2Go Roadkit

Learning Valley today launched a video streaming platform in Kenya. The video streaming solution, Presentations 2Go, allows instructors to record their lectures interactively and make the content available to students live or on-demand. Also targeted at the media, the solution includes Presentation 2Go Roadkit which can be used to broadcast events live over a 3G connection. Other versions of the solution include Presentation 2Go Lite, a personal capture software, Presentation 2Go Pro, a professional capture software and Presentation 2Go Video Server. Learning Valley intends to partner with Safaricom and Microsoft to bring the solution to Kenyan universities. The company wants to utilize cloud services in delivering digital presentations to the lecture room.

Michaël Hegeman, Presentation 2Go CEO demonstrating how the solution works

The instructor has the option to interact with their audience both physically and virtually. With the video server, the moderator (lecturer) can add command tags to the video. This includes assignments tags where the video can pause and an optional link is opened in a separate window. While watching the video, students can chat with the lecturer, add and share notes with each other. The presentations can be accessed at a later date, and the student can therefore download the notes in HTML format. Videos from the platform can be embedded in other websites and they can also be integrated with school management systems like Moodle and Blackboard. Presentations can be linked to Twitter to allow for discussions to continue over social networking platforms.

The company already hosts a video streaming platform ePitch.tv where an instructor can set up their own channel and begin broadcasting their presentations to viewers. Invitations can be sent to viewers who can access presentations via LinkedIn.

Companies can present products to customers and train their employees over the platforms through webinars. Viewers can access instructional material without worrying about time limits. Learning Valley partnered with Hogeschool Utrecht (HU) in November 2010 to create a proof-of-concept which was tested and proved to be successful. With this result, they were able to launch the product at HU allowing students to view and share the same lecture. Learning Valley have partnered with Technology Partners Ltd locally who are the current resellers of their products.