Galaxy Note II TV commercial is out

Galaxy Note II Multitasking

Galaxy Note II Multitasking
Samsung Galaxy Note II has been happening all along, and last week was the time the Global tour of Galaxy Note II reached Cape Town, it’s showing up in the US on the 24th of this month. Samsung decided to move on and hard about the S Pen controlled device in a niche that they were ready to take on alone, and others follow. Well it seems the venture is bearing fruit, as they now have the best smartphone trotting the globe as of now. I covered the launch and global tour of the Galaxy Note II and I’m yet to do a product review, but let’s see the TV Commercial that just came on-line moments ago.

Focus here is on playing and productivity. Samsung brings smartphone multitasking on another level with the split screen feature. You can search something off the internet while taking notes on a section of the screen below, usually the lower half. Samsung made sure there is enough processing power and RAM for one to play with, there is a whole 1.6 Quad Core processor and 2GB RAM. Others features highlighted are the direct call, pop up note that works from every application, even during a call. Ofcourse you have to set the action from the settings, either on or off.

Another thing the Note II does with ease is ability to crop photos you just took and place them in the clipboard. This you can paste in many applications and send. Image or folder preview is one of the best features an S Pen allows you to do via Airview. You can see folder contents in an image or S Note gallery, quite handy, right? And here is where I discover I just wrote a whole blog post with the S Pen in my hand.


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