Qualcomm making Smartphone for the visually impaired and the blind


The visually impaired and blind persons depend on an array of specialty devices to use their Smartphones.These devices include; audio book-readers, color readers, navigation tools, raised Braille labels, special bar-code scanners, and large-buttoned, voice-enabled MP3 players which are prohibitively expensive and bulky. This hustle shall be ending soon courtesy of a project by Qualcomm and Project Ray.

Qualcomm and project Ray have joined forces to manufacture an Android based Smartphone that shall be a single-purpose gadget. Project RAY is combining all the capabilities of the specialty devices into a cost-effective handset that has a UI designed for eye-free interaction. The device shall be powered by a  Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.

Finger movements, voice prompts and vibrations shall be providing feedback to users and are the major behaviors that the phone’s operating system shall be coming accustomed to. Currently the project is under a pilot test with 100 participants in Israel.

About Project RAY
Project RAY ltd designs accessibility tools for blind and visually impaired people.