What new phones rival the iPhone 5?

Iphone 5 rivals

Iphone 5 rivalsThe mobile phone market has enjoyed a long period of technological advancement that has boosted the mobile phone from being a mere communication device to an all-round personal computer. Apple’s iPhone has at some points led the charge, and at other times Android based sets have seemed to pave the way. Right now it seems as if the battle is a fairly even contest: the iPhone 5 has been released with a bigger 4 inch screen and the Samsung Galaxy S3 – Android’s current standard bearer – has taken the market by storm, comparing most favourably to the Apple’s previous generation iPhone 4S.
The media tend to publicise the battle of the super phones as one between Samsung and Apple which at times hasn’t been too far wide of the mark, but now that Sony, LG and HTC have released some of the finest phones they’ve ever the battle seems to have taken on an extended Android dimension.
The HTC One X is a real crowd pleaser as well as being technically very strong. As far as looks go it would be hard to name a better looking handset. Each mobile has a certain brand quality – iPhone has its sturdy organic functional beauty, Galaxy has its futuristic visionary appeal, and now HTC have built an 8.9mm slim line phone that could eclipse them both. To lay a super crisp HD screen on top of the wafer thin slim line design gives it an ‘other-worldly’ sci-fi type quality inherent in the most dazzling new feats of technology.
Sony’s Xperia range has been met with great fanfare and it is now fronted by the excellent new Android ice cream sandwich based Xperia T. The Xperia T is another great looking phone with a Bravia supported big 4.6 inch screen; attributes which would suit gamers and film fans alike.
The Android examples mentioned above often fall into the £30 or less market so make great value as well as being serious rivals to the iPhone. To have a look at some competitor prices, have a look at www.phones4u.co.uk.