Using Technology to Improve Your Singing

Music technology
Music technologyTechnology has changed practically everything in the world over the course of the past few decades. The idea that one would be able to hold thousands of songs in a device that fits within their pocket would have been nothing but science fiction years ago, but now it is a common reality. If you are a singer who is looking to take your voice to the next level, you may be able to utilize technology in order to do so. The following are just a few ways that technology can help to improve your singing, each of which is worth taking a look at.

 Pitch Recognition Software

One of the most common issues that singers struggle with is the ability to stay on pitch. More often than not, it is this that makes people falter and perhaps even quit pursuing music. Thanks to modern technology, however, one can now utilize pitch recognition software to help train their ear and voice. This software allows you to sing along to your favorite songs and will automatically detect in real-time whether or not you’re staying on key. While the results may be discouraging at first, sticking with utilizing this type of software can help you to eventually be more accurate with your pitch; something that every singer should work on.

Online Lessons

Skype and other services that allow you to communicate in real time with people across the country are perfect for taking singing lessons. Learning how to sing from a professional is without a doubt the best way to go about honing your craft, and thanks to technology, you can learn from anyone in the world. This also makes taking lessons more convenient for both you and your teacher, as you don’t have to leave the house to get the most out of the experience. This can also help to cut costs on the lessons, as one does not need to compensate for gas and time.


If you’re really struggling and would still like to make recordings, autotune software is the perfect option. This type of software allows you to manually enter the notes that you’d like your voice to hit, and will automatically stretch pitches to meet your needs. While there is quite a bit of controversy in the music community regarding whether or not autotune is worth using, those who use it regularly swear by this technology.

Learning to sing doesn’t have to be hard, and with the right technology, you can meet your goals quickly and effectively.