Could we comfortably say the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be 5″ Full HD?

Samsung Galaxy S 4 5 inch

Samsung Galaxy S 4 5 inch

This year’s CES has seen Sony being branded as the hero company with the announcement of the Xperia Z. There were quite few OEMs announcing devices at the Las Vegas event last week. Samsung on the other hand was keen on announcing the technology that will power their devices of the future like the Exynos 5 Octa that made it the first 8 core processor to be announced. There was also the showcase of flexible display that was on a video demo-ed to show some of the nifty ways this could impact devices of the future.

Still, flexible displays should not make your blood run as we are not sure when we could see production devices donning them. But it’s obviously something nice to look forward to. As for Exynos 5 Octa, this is expected to be in the bowels of the next generation Galaxy device, the Samsung Galaxy S IV(wonder if they will use S 4 or S IV).

Another thing that escaped eyes of many journalists and bloggers was an image in a panel somewhere with some pretty good information. That of the Galaxy S IV’s screen properties.  The image taken by Brian Klug of AnandTech shows the sequence of events from the first Galaxy flagship device the Galaxy S all the way to the unreleased Galaxy S 4. The Galaxy S 4 is seen here to show it could don a 4.99″ inch full HD screen at a whopping 440 ppi pixel density. And as you can see, the Galaxy S II which was marketed as a 4.3″ device was actually a 4.29″ screen, so this will also be marketed as 5″. Devices with 1080p displays have since been announced, the most notable one being the now famous Xperia Z from Sony, so even though it’s a wow factor, it aint new.

Anything else about the Galaxy S IV is scanty , but as usual we expect it to be announced at a separate Samsung event sometime in April if History is anything to go by. And it will sell.

Thanks Daniel UY for the alert.


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