Hands on with the Galaxy Note 10.1 Keyboard dock

Galaxy Note 10.1 Keyboard dock

Galaxy Note 10.1 Keyboard dock

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is one device that Samsung developed with the sole aim of productivity, from the stylus applications, battery life to data support. This device was built to be a winner. We had a debate earlier with some techie friends of mine over what Android device one would choose between the Galaxy Note 10.1 and the Nexus 10. The Note took the day. Simply for battery life, Stylus and the productivity apps that make the S Pen quite important.

We didn’t even reach the point of discussing the split screen and multitasking functionalities and the Note was ahead by some miles. Now over to the main objective of the post; I recently purchased the official Galaxy Note 10.1 keyboard dock from FoneXpress in Nairobi. I fell in love with this dock the moment I laid my eyes on it some months ago. I was to buy it a month ago but things happened. Now is when I have it, could well say this is the third day I have used it.

The Galaxy Note 10.1 Keyboard dock makes the tablet a convertible, all the short-cuts on the tablet screen are available as keys on the keyboard. The home, back, menu and show open apps short-cuts are just next to where they show on the screen. We have a key for showing or hiding the on-screen keyboard, a button to mimic the action of right clicking, scroll buttons and most importantly, a key on the right that acts as the app drawer. So you have everything sorted out, now add the easy music controls, you can pause, play or forward music from the keyboard even if music is on the background, sound controls are just next to the music control keys at the top row next to the tablet slot.

The 30 pin port gets extended to the right of the keyboard where you can go on to charge it or connect it to any other device via USB. At the back we also have an extra 3.5mm jack for music and sound. Overall this makes the tablet a lot more useful with the space bar acting like an unlock feature if you tap it twice. Did I mention we have a lock key at the top row?

Can it make a work machine?

Well that ultimately depends on what you do with your devices, if you are a writer like me you will find it quite convenient and you wont be needing your laptop. Particularly if you have a laptop that does 3 hours on battery, you will find this convenient. Designers will love this as it comes with premium app Photoshop touch which can enable you do quite much on the go. Otherwise most of the desktop experience is quite good with Office apps, Chrome browser, S Memo and S Note. So, yes I would totally carry this around and leave one laptop home and the other in the office, go cover events live, seeing this will enable me blog quite easily like I did yesterday and received so many accolades from my peers. Just incase you may wanna know, the price is Kshs. 8,000, some $92.


    • Yes i was wandering about that as well, since i already have the dock, when i would prefer for the keyboard never pop up in the first place, although i can subsequently hide it.

      • Hey Andreas,
        That has been the one thing that has stopped me from buying it, iv read that there is an app called null keyboard and another called external keyboard helper. Since you already have the dock perhaps you can try the apps and let me know?
        Good luck

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