Could this be the Lumia 720?

Lumia 720 yellow

Lumia 720 yellow

And the leaks continue, Nokia will be announcing the Lumia 720 and 520 if leaks rumours, renders and near-truths are anything we could go with. Well there is this video a very diligent Jay Montano of MyNokiaBlog watched and was able to pick out a device that isn’t in the market. Well it’s in a promo of KPN Netherlands, bla bla bla infatuations and carvings.

Lumia 822 Verizon

What’s important is that there is more than one phone model, and the extra one is one that we haven’t seen in the press or shelves. It kind of looks like the Verizon Lumia 800, but somethings about it say it’s not. First, there is the headphone jack that stands out at the top, unlike the Lumia 822, secondly the distance to the top of the camera is different on the two phones, thirdly the slimness and the tapered back. This leads to one thing: Lumia 720, or just something else. See video for yourself and make the judgement.