Developers, as you develop for BB10, optimize for different GPUs

Blackberry apps

Blackberry appsTexture compression and GPU types are important details for developers particularly gamers to whom graphics mean a lot in their final product. This will ultimately have an impact on memory footprint on the game and performance gains during level loading. That’s why Blackberry sent in a message to developers to be aware that there are two different GPU versions for the Blackberry 10 smartphone, the flagship device of 2013.

These are Imagination GPU PowerVR SGX 544 and Qualcomm GPU Adreno 225. So for devs who have already developed games on Dev Alpha A devices will be required to repackage their games again otherwise they won’t work on most Blackberry Z10s. Blackberry gives devs the ability to create separate BAR files to target the specific GPU.

More details on repackaging and the whys here.