Images of Google Play Store running on Blackberry Z10 surface online, is this part of Blackberry’s strategy?


See these images that were recently uploaded to Crackberry forums

Google Play Store on Blackberry Z10 3

Though these are leaked images which could suggest as many things as you can think of, I really want to believe that this is true. It could mean very many things. Remember Blackberry 10 allowed Android developers to easily port their apps to the platform? Yes, it did that by emulating the same app. The result was that Blackberry 10 devices like the Blackberry Z10 launched with quite a number of apps with at some point Blackberry executives quoting the number of ported Android apps to be at a good 40%. That was then.

Blackberry is currently rolling out Blackberry 10 version 10.2.1 and as per these leaked photos it could be coming with Google’s Play Store baked in. That would mean very many good things for the Blackberry platform, more apps, access to all the Android apps available on the Play Store (over 900,000!). I have never hidden my admiration for the build quality and design language of the Z10 and with native Play Store added nothing can make it less attractive. Not even that Z30. However since these are simply leaked images that we aren’t sure about their originality then all we can do is hope this actually happens. For a company that just had some freshly injected cash and is looking to turn things around, this could be a bold step into making the right things happen.