Leaked Images show serious redesign of Nokia’s Asha

Nokia Asha

Nokia Asha

It seems Nokia is onto some serious redesign of their low end portfolio of Series 40 devices to make them fit into the mid range, atleast in terms of design judging from these EVleaks images. If this does happen, we are going to see some Lumia 820 looking devices, including some OS redesign. In this first image you can see the black front with the removable back cover for colour options. We could even be looking at shells the model of Lumia 820 or 620. One even has a glossy look on it.Nokia AshaThe most advanced camera on an Asha is 3.2MP on Asha 311, no flash. What do you see up here? That’s 5 MP with some LED flash. We even get to see what a back will look like. Well, that back cover has some difference with Lumias in that there is a button for opening it. It could also be a speaker, you know! The image above actually shows two designs, notice the absence of a flash on the top right image while the left one has a camera design like the one on Lumia 920? The one on the top right even has some tapered edges like the 720.Nokia AshaLock Screen notifications! A very welcome idea where according to this image you get notifications from several applications including messages, calls log and something else. Wait! There is the shell off! At the top tight image there is three distinct buttons, two for the volume rocker and one that could either be the camera or power button. The lower left image shows curved glass and a button-less front. Are we looking at another Gesture UI or touch sensitive keys? Then there is the numerous colour options and as we all know Nokia loves colour.Nokia Asha

Here we can almost see the phone from top to bottom, anybody make out buttons on the homepage because I can’t? Gesture UI it is, atleast for one model as we have seen in these images there are two models, one high end and the other one lower. Top left image shows the Dual-SIM stays, atleast for some models, or it could be options for each model. We could be hearing from Nokia quite soon. What do you think? Something worth looking forward to?


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