One out of six Blackberry smartphones sold last quarter was a Z10

Blackberry Z10

Blackberry Z10Blackberry has announced results of the fourth quarter of their fiscal year which ended on March 2nd, and things are not as bad as they seem. Blackberry Z10, which is the only Blackberry 10 device they are selling has done 1 million in sales. This is quite positive considering the bad shape Blackberry, previously RIM has been.

The sales are not of the complete quarter and this doesn’t reflect sales of the US market which is quite an important one. Blackberry is also reporting that they shipped a total of 6 million Blackberry smartphones, meaning the z10 didn’t do badly.

Blackberry revenues for the quarter read $2.7 billion a figure which is 35 percent lower than same quarter in year 2012. As at close of the quarter, Blackberry has 76 million subscribers down from 79 million last year. South Africa and Nigeria feature highly up Blackberry sales which have 70% as from emerging markets with South Africa alone having over 6 million active Blackberry devices.

Blackberry Q10 is yet to go on sale so it has no impact on the sales which would be expected to have a boost from lovers or qwerty physical keyboards.