Fragmented Devices, the reality we live in


As I was reading some articles on the Motorola X phone I came to realize that every manufacturer has OUTRIGHT short falls. I would like to take you back to the year 2007 where the Nokia N series & Sony Ericsson ruled the world with the perfect devices… Ones that had integrated everything, from great battery life to megapixel camera to great body design… You could get a phone that ‘HAD IT ALL’.

Nowadays not so much.

Motorola seems to be LEADING the pack in Battery Life. But what else do you know them for?

imageSamsung WINS in software enhancement. But that plastic… can’t they upgrade their exterior quality?

imageApple‘s iPhone wins in simplistic & beautiful ecosystem. But that price, no expandable memory, ‘stifling’ OS & poor support for the African market?

imageHTC has it all in design & their Sense UI. But seems focused on which market? Their competitor (Samsung) outclasses them in Software + Upgrades.

imageI really don’t know what Sony has going for them other than abit of all the above (+ water proof phones) but nothing really substantial to say they STAND OUT.

imageAs for Nokia as they experiment with the Lumia range…great phone/build…But weak OS (has little muscle & has a way to go to attain Android & iOS level)

imageWhy can’t one, at least one, fix their OBVIOUS problems? Only Motorola seems to be headed there but after May, the rumoured launch month of the X Phone we’ll know if one company (aka Google) can fix it all. Where one can be pleased with Hardware, Software & Build.

But as for now…you’re assured of getting nearly a nine out of ten in two & slumping in the other. Yet again I think us as consumers are an insatiable market…we expect PERFECTION & get livid when your favourite manufacturer misses the mark by an iota. Maybe, just maybe, we should be content that we live in a fragmented world…where we also understand that my likes aren’t yours, my priorities need not be similar to yours, hence I’d love the tweaked software & plastic nature of Samsung or Glorify the build of HTC, or worship the Apple ecosystem.
Maybe, just maybe, fragmented is good.