Does The Samsung Galaxy S4 Stand Out From The Crowd?

Galaxy S 4 review

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is the hottest smartphone release of 2013 so far, and the device has achieved sky-high pre-sale figures to prove it. It has received such a great reception because the Galaxy S4 deals with a multitude of smartphone tasks incredible well, and the device also boasts a raft of innovative functionality to boot. So, just what are these cool new features, and how do they help the Galaxy S4 to stand out from the crowd? We’ve taken a look at what the Galaxy S4 has to offer users to understand why the device is the smart person’s smartphone selection.

Design double

At first glance Samsung fans will notice the Galaxy S4 looks a hell of a lot like its predecessor, the Galaxy S III. That device was hugely successful – selling over 50 million units to date – so instead of radically redesigning the flagship, Samsung has made some subtle changes to improve upon an already popular handset. Notable changes include a slimmer frame (7.9mm), and a hugely impressive 5-inch full HD super AMOLED display that offers immensely crisp, detailed and vibrant visuals.

Power punch

Now, when the Galaxy S4 was first announced it was touted as featuring a beefy eight-core processor. However, it soon came to light that the UK variant of the handset would house a 1.9GHz quad-core processor instead.

Samsung were quick to point out that the quad-core processor would be as efficient as the Exynos Octa chip, and this is certainly true. The Galaxy S4 copes incredibly well with any tasks thrown at it. Whether it’s graphics-laden gaming or heavy duty multitasking, the S4 handles it with speed and efficiency easily.

Unique innovations

The Galaxy S4 is unlike other mobile phones because of some brand new innovations featured within. Dual Camera is a cool camera shooting mode that utilizes both the front and rear camera simultaneously. This allows the user to take pics with both snappers and then blend them together into one image. Smart Scroll is another unique feature and uses the device’s accelerometer, gyroscope and front-facing camera to gauge when a user is looking at the screen and wants to scroll down, and does so automatically. Smart Pause works in a similar way –  the device recognizes when a user looks away from the screen when watching a video, and pauses the video automatically.

Health at the heart

Another main shout for Samsung is the Galaxy S4’s S Health feature. S Health is a collection of health and well-being-related apps, which include a pedometer, diet tracker, and a temperature and humidity gauge. There will also be accessories that can be synced with S Health apps via Bluetooth, which can monitor things such as blood pressure and glucose levels.

So, does the Samsung Galaxy S4 stand out from the crowd? With its jaw-dropping display and cool innovative features, the Galaxy S4 is pleasing when it comes to both aesthetics and functionality. It’s the best all-round Android smartphone we’ve ever had the pleasure to operate, and unless Apple pulls something outstanding out of the bag it’s likely the Galaxy S4 will be the best selling smartphone of the year. To see the device in action check out our full video review.

This guest post was written by of Phones 4u.