SkyDrive Hits 250M Users, Google Expands Drive Storage to 15GB In Reactionary Move


Just days after Microsoft announced that its cloud storage offering, SkyDrive has hit the 250 million users mark, there’s some quick reaction from Mountain View and it is not about Google announcing its own Google Drive numbers. No, rather they have moved swiftly to consolidate their turf by giving users an additional storage. You now have upto 15 GB for use across Gmail, Google+ Photos and Google Drive.

Shared storage on Google

Basically what Google has done is to seamlessly unify the Google experience throughout its three services by tying up the storage so that instead of the 5 GB storage option you had for storing your files on Google Drive and photos on Google+ and a further 10 GB for all your mails, you now have 15 GB storage space at your disposal to use as it suits you best. Have many files and documents to collaborate on with co-workers and schoolmates and don’t use Gmail as much? Worry no more. Your previous 10 GB allocated for mails alone will now be available for more files to be synced across your devices (smartphone, PC and tablet).

Google is promising to update your storage settings page so that you can be more at home with what these new changes mean and how you’re using your storage space.

The new changes also mean that those buying additional storage for Gmail will have that storage available across the board thus the 25 GB cap on the additional storage you can purchase from Google for your Gmail no longer counts. You can just buy more and more storage which will stack up against your existing storage across the board.

Google Apps users are also not left behind as this will be available to them too.

According to Google, the new changes will roll out to everyone over the next few weeks.