Skydrive Hits 250 million users according to Microsoft

Skydrive 250M

Skydrive has hit 250 million users according to Microsoft. Microsoft has positioned Skydrive to be the default cloud storage for Windows Phone 8 users and Microsoft Office. With the advent of Office 365, uptake was bound to grow with the default 20GB one gets when you subscribe to the yearly office 365 subscription.

Microsoft faced some resistance from users who had gotten used to purchasing an Office copy that would then be installed to all the machines that a user owned without an end of life. Office 2013 came with a different model and a copy had a limited number of machines one could install to. This created a rebellion considering the amount one costs. Office 365 which bundles in all Office applications which can be installed to 5 devices and provide 20GB cloud storage which maxes out to 27GB including the free 7GB every skydrive user gets came to provide a buffer. It made Microsoft cloud accepted with the $100 a year subscription model for home professional use.

Microsoft is now reaping the fruits and with the growth of Nokias on Windows phone even with lackluster Windows 8 adoption, Skydrive is growing steadily. This coming in a world where stiff competition from Google Drive, Box and Dropbox among other cloud storage providers is quite commendable. See the below infographic.
Skydrive 250 Million