Nokia’s Lumia 925 press image shows up ahead of London announcement [UPDATED]

Lumia 925

Lumia 925

It’s never too late in the day to receive a leak, especially from Nokia. Nokia will be unveiling a device in London tomorrow, the 14th of May at 10am. Ofcourse they don’t go yapping out what device they are unveiling, it’s upon us to speculate. EVleaks has made this easy by sharing a very clear press photo that shows the front of the device, and tagged it Lumia 925. As some of you may know, Lumia 925, or Nokia Catwalk as it is code-named has been a topic of discussion for some time now. Even as there was talk of Lumias 928 and Asha 501, the all-metal Lumia 925 was still showing up in blog posts.

What EV has shared shows a front image of the Lumia 925 to be announced in a few hours. It does look like a large screen device, something in the areas of 4.5-4.67, the clear black all glass front, curved edges and the silver colour can be picked from this. Even the earpiece slot at the top, volume rocker and power buttons on the right. The shot on the left shows a photo, something I expect to be a highlight during launch as we have seen a teaser showing a large sensor on a silver coloured Lumia. It also does look thin. What else can you pick from this leak and do you look forward to the Lumia 925 unveil?

[UPDATE] EV has just dropped the biggest hint that there will be enough camera power on the Lumia 925, see below image of the side that shows both the dedicated camera button and camera sensor protrusion, last time cameras protruded on Nokias was on Nokia 808, so you won’t be wrong expecting some pureview.Lumia 925 side