BBM finally heads out to Android and iOS

BlackBerry Messenger Android

BlackBerry Messenger Android

From some time this June-July you will no-longer associate the logo below with Blackberry only, it will be open to two more OSes. Android and iOS. So you can start imagining your iPhone 5 donning some other fruit other than Apple, or the next big thing with some dark fruit within, evil huh? Yes, Blackberry has announced that BBM channels will be available for Android and iOS users this summer, and they add subject to approval by the lords of both stores. Not that they are expected to decline.

The main news meant to carry the day by Blackberry was the aqnnouncement of BBM channels that is essentially a product meant for users to engage with businesses brands, celebrities and groups they are passionate about. For example if you think I am a celebrity you can subscribe to my channel,share my profile to your friends within BBM chat, browse similar celebrities, liking my posts and I can also chat one on one with you as my subscriber. I on the other hand can monitor the engagement by my followers. Now this is where I snap back to reality and remember that I am not a celebrity, you get the picture though.

You can now celebrate the fact that you wont need to restart a device to enjoy BBM.


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