Android ports make 20% of Blackberry 10 apps, users hate them – Alec Saunders

Alec Saunders

Alec Saunders

“From a commercial perspective, users hate them, our partners who have ported apps get dinged for them.” These are the words of Blackberry Vice President of developer relations as he described the impact of Android apps ported to Blackberry Store.

Alec mentioned that out of the 120,000 plus Blackberry 10 apps, 20% were android ports that were made possible using the Blackberry Runtime for Android emulation engine for the software development kit made available last year for Blackberry 10. Alec says that consumers are keenly aware of the difference.

He was speaking to CNET where he mentioned that Blackberry, previously RIM was keen on building the apps catalogue while at the same time replicating Anroid successes that made it successful among smartphone users.

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Source: CNET