Test of time for PCs as $99 Android tablets expected by Q3

Asus MemoPad

Asus MemoPad

The PC might just be overtaken by events as the Android tablet becomes central in computing. Report by Digitimes has it that Asus is working on releasing a USD 99 7 inch Android tablet. This comes after releasing the 7 inch Asus Memopad that is priced at USD 129.

The $99 tablet is expected by year end according to Digitimes sources and if this materialises we could be looking at serious competition in the tablet segment. The Windows counterparts are bound to face stiff competition as the lowest priced Windows tablet so far is the Surface RT at $499.

With more and more people turning tablets into mainstream computing devices, we will see less and less people walk around with laptops and more get tablets with keyboard accessories.

Could this be the reason Microsoft still holds back Office for Android?