This leather case might make you look at the Lumia 1020 in a different way

Nokia Lumia 1020 leather case

Nokia Lumia 1020 leather case

Lumia 1020 did some market disruption, particularly to the imaging freaks. Now you can have all that camera power in a current device, unlike previously when it was only available in an outdated Symbian device, the Nokia 808. This post wasn’t about oversampling and huge pixels but the aesthetics.

Not yet official, this Nokia made leather case looks to fit rather well onto the phone and protect the polycarbonate body and also has a cap on the rear to protect the camera lens. Gives you the impression that you have a physical zoom lens that is being protected like in the Galaxy Camera’s case. All in all, users who would prefer anything than the plastic around the Lumia 1020 will find a relieving change of sorts.

Currently this case, posted by the guys over at Pureview Club is only seen in one colour, a light brown and also fits exactly on the Lumia 1020 without leaving space to breath. I don’t know how leather will take the frequent removal and re-fitting if you need to remove it for one reason or another, example if you have the camera grip that naturally won’t fit with this on, actually it needs direct contact with the camera button and NFC tags.

Another thing, this case doesn’t show other angles, so we can’t tell the trim on the top and bottom but it sure does look good a trim. Would you use one of you used the Lumia 1020?

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