Experience first, purchase informed; Panasonic’s intention as they open first Showroom in Nairobi

Panasonic Plaza opening

Panasonic Plaza opening“Panasonic showroom concept is to first have consumers interact and experience products from Panasonic, touch and ask questions from personnel about them while retail selling comes second,” said Kamran Khan, Senior Director Panasonic Marketing Middle East & Africa. He was speaking at the launch of the first Panasonic showroom and service centre in Eastern Africa, located in Westlands, Nairobi. Panasonic will be offering 10-30% discounts on purchases for opening prices at the showroom, this should be an offer lasting between 15 to 20 days.

The showroom will be showcasing consumer electronics in the audio-visual, home equipment and air conditioners categories. Panasonic has a differentiating factor from the competitors in that even that as they have audio visual products, home equipment like microwaves & dishwashers and air conditioners, Panasonic also has kitchen tools, beauty products like shaving machines, hair dryers and health products. Panasonic showroom will offer consumers a chance to view all product offerings from Panasonic in one place and at the same time users will have their products serviced within the Panasonic Plaza. The building will also host an in-house call centre to complement customer service.Panasonic showroom

The showroom will not be showcasing all of Panasonic products but will first focus on consumer goods, a separate one for B2B will be opened at a later date and this will have products like office handsets, rack air conditioners for large offices, security cameras, IP PBX, IP Telephones, Speaker-phones, Video Conference equipment and others.

“Making inroads into Africa and establishing a strong presence by enhancing customer preferences and touch points are an integral part of our Africa expansion strategy. We are committed to becoming the number one consumer electronic brand in the African continent, and our first Panasonic Plaza in Nairobi, Kenya is a testimony to this. Our success in Kenya will highly influence our position in gaining customer confidence in the other potential African markets. We are positive that with our broad product category and high quality products, we be gaining a strong foothold gradually”, said Mr Masao Motoki, Managing Director, Panasonic Marketing Middle East & Africa.

Rakesh Singh, General Manager Pole Stars says that most consumers purchase products like microwaves, blenders and washing machines and their positioning at the showroom is meant to make them see more of audio-visual products and others like TVs, Home theatres and also cameras.

Panasonic is currently selling smartphones in India and this is quite a viable proposition in the market that is quite huge, in Kenya and East Africa this is an idea they have been brooding on and with time this will be actualized. Anthony Peter, Director, Brand Communications & Customer Care (BCCC) Group, Panasonic Marketing Middle East and Africa says that when they are ready, this market is a sure venture that they consider highly.