BIS continues as Blackberry announces 9720 running BB OS7

BlackBerry 9720

BlackBerry 9720

It’s nowhere near the end of the road for Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) as in the midst of the Blackberry 10 device announcements, there are still devices coming on the older OS version. Blackberry 10 does not support BIS, so this might be a plus for BIS users, although they will have an option of the better OS or BIS.

Today Blackberry announced the Blackberry 9720, a 2.8 inch HVGA touchscreen device with a 480 x 360 pixel screen (214ppi). Other specs include Blackberry OS 7.1, 5 MP camera, 512MB RAM, qwerty keyboard in the design like that of Blackberry Q5 (the whole phone actually looks like the Q5), 1450mAh battery, 800MHz CPU.

This is essentially a basic phone, but looks like Blackberry intended for something the emerging markets are going to consume as it’s going to sell in Asian, EMEA and Latin American markets. It will sell in 5 colours but no mention of price anywhere.

Oh, and it will have an FM radio and BBM Channels within BBM.