Look at this patent design that could be what’s coming to the Galaxy Note III

Galaxy Note III patent design

Galaxy Note III patent design

The Galaxy Note III is the hottest thing right now in tech media in reference to smartphones, tablets and the all new phablets category. Rumours and counter-rumours flying left right and center. There’s been prototype devices leaked wearing a slab that’s meant to hide the final design, these happen all the time. Specs sheets have been leaked, including some very convincing photos.

The Galaxy S 4 is understood to have numerous designs Samsung could have opted to use. Whatever we have in the Galaxy S 4 could be replicated in the Galaxy Note III, we could even have a change of design, you never know.

A patent design shared by Windows Phone Daily has some interesting twist. This is a design that was patented over a year ago, June 2012 to be precise, and this happens all the time. Patents are not necessarily used immediately, just filed to protect companies in the future should another implement the idea in their next smartphone while they are waiting for the right time to do so.

So this design looks different from any Samsung device we have ever seen, it has a slot for S Pen, one only associated with the Note series for Samsung. Looks large and with something which looks like ot could be curved display. Remember the curved display device showed earlier by Samsung, that contained a space on the side to show notifications while the phone is on standby?

I think this looks like that, plus there are no buttons on the homepage. Samsung has been staying clear of buttonless UI for the longest time and this would be interesting should they go for gesture UI, or double tap to unlock and on-screen capacitive controls.

What do you think? Could this be what’s going to show up in Germany on the 4th of September? let us know in the comments.