Woman’s Driving license suspended for texting while asleep and driving

Woman falls asleep driving

Woman falls asleep driving

Texting and driving can be tragic and drivers are advised to refrain from it, it’s never that urgent to respond to that text. Forget what they do in the movies. This woman in New Zealand went further than texting while driving. She was asleep while she did this.

Forget sleep walking, this woman sleepdrove for almost 200 miles from a town in New Zealand, Hamilton headed to Aukland. She had taken sleeping pills and dozed off while driving. Fortunately she didn’t cause any accident as the police were alerted of the situation by a worried friend who was aware that she was on sleeping pills and had gone missing.

She had sent a number of text messages while sleep driving and these text messages helped the police track the phone and locate the lady in her sleep. The lady couldn’t remember the incident and police are seeking to bar her from driving by revoking her driver’s license till a medicval check can confirm whether she can be allowed to drive again.