Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear to Come Adorned in Your favourite Jewelry


Galaxy Note 3 and Gear with metal charms

September 25th, the day the Galaxy Gear will go on sale in various markets worldwide is fast approaching and what a better way to increase interest in the premier Samsung smart watch than by partnering with designers to provide various premium feel versions of the gadget. Samsung is partnering with designer Dana Lorenz to add little bits of metallic charm to the device. And that doesn’t stop with the Galaxy Gear alone, expect the widely anticipated galaxy Note 3 to also join that party.

Dana Lorenz will provide accessories for the two devices in order to provide something more for the versatile market that Samsung is targerting with the Galaxy Note 3 and the Galaxy Gear. We have seen Samsung previously partner with various third party accessory makers in order to better provide a fulfilling experience to its clientele on its high end devices and this time round it won’t be any different. Expect accessories and add-ons like leather cases adorned with gold studding and some metal charms on the straps (for the Galaxy Gear) to be ready when the two devices start shipping.

We didn’t see Sony do such a thing with the Smartwatch 2 and we believe this is Samsung’s attempt at differentiation in a market that is certainly very competitive. With both devices (Galaxy Gear and Galaxy Note 3) having a premium price tag, it only makes sense that the premium experience be enhanced right from the start. There is no word on whether these add-ons will be available to customers globally or in just a few select markets.



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