Gold HTC One To Cost $3090


Gold is precious and as such it is bound to fetch higher prices whether in the local market or the international one. That is even a much higher case when one of the devices in question is the device that has gotten established players recalculating their strategies, the HTC One. How much does it cost for one to have a 24 carat gold HTC One? $3090 is the damage that will be done to your pocket.

gold htc one techweez

From Samsung preparing some nice diamond add-ons for its Galaxy Gear and Note 3 devices to Apple adding the gold colour option for its newly launched iPhone 5s, those mineral colours are very much in demand. But the cost is up there in the sky. It is expected though since the target market for such has the money. The gold HTC One will cost at least four times the price of a normal unlocked HTC One. We’ve previously seen premium device maker Vertu make such gold phones and it is the first me we’re seeing a manufacturer actually make one for its flagship device.

The device is expected to start retailing in Russia soon. Wondering why Russia? The oil magnates. There is a ready market for such. Specs for the gold HTC One remain the same as with the normal international version of the HTC One so if you’re interested you’ll obviously be getting a precious metal not aluminium with the same internals.




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