Here is the pulled down 12 minute video of the ‘All New HTC One’

The Old HTC One and the All New HTC One (those names, sigh!)
The Old HTC One and the All New HTC One (those names, sigh!)
The Old HTC One and the All New HTC One (those names, sigh!)

Late in the night and throughout early morning, there was this video posted by one Jamkatel that revealed everything about HTC’s upcoming high end flagship. In a rare move, a senior HTC executive took to Twitter to find the culprit and warn him of dire consequences. The video was subsequently pulled down by the uploader but in this world where even the slightest mistake you make on your social media profile already has somebody taking a screenshot before you can delete, someone else has the video up and there are multiple copies out there.

See for yourself the All New HTC One (seriously who agreed upon such a name?) below  thanks to one Nicky Perdaen (hope he doesn’t have lawyers coming after him too).

Never mind that the video is not as detailed as we would want or as previous leakers like the guy who uploaded a full hands on of the Nexus 5 was.

Like Samsung, HTC won’t be straying from the looks of the 2013 One. It will stick with that award winning design for this year’s flagship with just an additional camera at the back to show for a change and the expected UI upgrade with the next version of Sense. Whether that is a good thing or a bad thing, I have no idea though I would’ve preferred them going out of their way and showing us how creative they can get.

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