Kes 27 million raised in 24hrs via Mobile money for Westgate Mall attack victims

Westgate Mall Seige

Westgate Mall Seige

It’s been over 48 hours since Westgate Mall located in Westlands, Nairobi got hit by an attack by what has been concluded by intelligence officials to be a terrorist attack. This happened from 11am on Saturday 21st September where over 68 are feared dead. Kenyans and people living in Kenya embarked on a volunteer drive for funds, blood donation, services and other physical goods that would assist to alleviate the situation that came about as a result of the attack.

Safaricom, one of Kenya’s mobile network operators on Sunday provided a zero-rated paybill number to be used for the funds raising. In less than 24 hours, volunteers had contributed over Ksh 27 million (USD 300k) via the mobile money service.

Kenyans are using the #WeAreOne Hash tag on twitter to mobilise volunteers of every kind to be part of this. This includes food, blood donation, money, services including medical and psychiatry services for trauma victims.

Kenya Red Cross is co-ordinating these sevices including first aid, ambulance service, blood collection in conjunction with local hospitals, patient and victims databases to assist in tracing of friends and family members and also will be the ones to receive the raised funds towards the humanitarian drive.

TO contribute you will need to send money via the Mpesa Paybill 848484 if you are on Safaricom.

  • Go to Mpesa menu in the SIM Toolkit
  • Select Payment Services and select Pay Bill
  • Enter 848484 as Business Number
  • Enter 848484 again as account number
  • Send the desired amount

To donate via Airtel Money:

  • Go to the ‘Airtel’ menu and select ‘Airtel money’
  • Select Send Money
  • Enter Nickname Redcross and click OK
  • Enter amount and PIN
  • Leave the Reference Blank and click OK

Note, these are the confirmed numbers with which to send money to, alert your friends and family not to send to any others unless communicated by an authority.

As for families whose relatives are missing in the #Westgate siege please call +254714563335, +254722444110, or police HQ +25420310225.

You can also follow the following twitter accounts for updates:


We will update incase of anything new we find important. Please share within your circles.

[UPDATE] Here’s how to donate if you are using Orange Money:

  • Head over to Orange Money in the SIM toolkit
  • Select Orange Money
  • Select Payments > Pay Bill
  • Enter 222222  as Business Number
  • Input amount and PIN, send.


It’s never too late to do good. YuMobile have also sent in details on how to donate to the #weAreOne cause for Westgate attack victims via YuMoney.

a) dial *626#

b) Enter Pay-bill No : 200140

c) Enter account no : 1

d) Enter the Amount

e) Enter pin and confirm


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