LG G Flex or LG Z, which one will be LG’s Smartphone with a curved display?

Samsung's Youm curved display. LG is following suit.

LG Oled flexible display

I won’t say it is now a me-too affair when it comes to flexible displays on mobile devices and curved displays on the same but it is something close. LG is the only other company that has previously shown intention to battle it out with Samsung in this arena and today we have more on our plates to suggest that they are still on course.

Previously we’ve heard that LG was preparing its own LG Z device with a curved display for launch later this month (a few days after Samsung announces its own). There was not much going for the LG Z rumour and whether it will still see light of day is still a mystery. Instead we now have some new rumours. Sorry, it is all about rumours here, nothing concrete. Word in the blogosphere is that LG will not release a device with a curved display this month but next month (November) and it will be named LG G Flex. I guess the Flex is for flexible though we should all be aware that there’s a difference between curved displays and flexible displays.

The LG G Flex is expected to feature a 6 inch display that curves slightly towards the edge of its lower sides.

We could as well see LG announce two devices, the LG G Flex and the LG Z or just one of them. Whether they’ll both have curved displays or one will have a flexible display and the other a curved one is still beyond us. Samsung is already on course to release the world’s first smartphone with a curved display for the masses sometime in the coming week and this should give us a rough idea of what to expect from LG.


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