Samsung’s SM-G910 Could Be The Galaxy Note 3 With A Curved Display


After Google Glass and the smart watch (wearable tech) the latest and hottest fad is flexible and curved displays. Samsung has long dominated news about flexible and curved displays and has even publicly shown them off. Recently, Samsung’s co-CEO of the mobile division confirmed that we’re a few days from seeing a limited edition Samsung device with a curved display. What that will be no one has an idea but leaked documents show that device could have the model number SM-G910.

The phone with a curved display from Samsung is expected to be based on the Galaxy Note 3 and some rumours suggest that it will be an actual variant of the 5.7 inch phablet.

What do we know about the SM-G910? Not much. Since it could be based on the Galaxy Note 3, some of the internals like the processor and the GPU could be the same so we’re looking at a possible combination of the powerful Snapdragon 800 and the Adreno 330. Still, this is all but mere speculation. We’re under a week into having the device officially confirmed so let’s wait.






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