A Rugged Galaxy Note 3 and a Galaxy S5 Active In The Works?

Galaxy S4 Active

Galaxy S4 Active

Sony devices are now synonymous with the terms water and dust proof.  They may not be rugged (as in sturdy) to the level of military-style rugged devices but they have steady frames to shield them from day-to-day mishaps like a drop in the kitchen sink, the pool or some unnecessary dust.

For a while Sony has dominated there with IP 55, 57 and 58 certifications that give their devices like the Xperia Z and its siblings (ZL, Z Ultra, Z1…) the difference they so desire. Samsung took cues and tested waters with the Galaxy S4 Active, a device that had a better build quality than the Galaxy S4 but slightly stepped down specs. It seems the Galaxy S4 Active did receive a good welcome to warrant a sequel.

Reports from Korean news outlet ETT News suggest that Samsung is hard at work already making the Galaxy S4 Active’s successor, Galaxy S5 Active. And that is not all. There is a rumoured rugged version of the Galaxy Note 3 in the works too.

This is not surprising since some variant of the Note 3 that will be available in specific markets will have LTE-Advance which is available in Japan where water and dust proof phones are widely popular.

The Galaxy S5 Active will be based on the design of Samsung’s 2014 flagship, Galaxy S5, which means that at this point the S5 is already past initial testing to warrant consideration for siblings.

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