Is this the Galaxy Round, Samsung’s Curved Smartphone?


Galaxy Round surely sounds bad but hey, that’s Samsung for you. In a world where some smartphone with a flexible display could also end up with a queer G Flex for a name, what matters now is not the name is it? It is the looks and thanks to the ever reliable @evleaks we have our first look at what could be Samsung’s upcoming curved smartphone.

There is not much that we know about the device. Some specs have been thrown around lately but I overlooked most of them since they didn’t fit the expectation of a 2013 Samsung device that is expected to break new ice: flexible devices.

The image leaked is for a Korean variant SM-G910S of Samsung’s curved smartphone expected to be released for Korean carrier STK with no word leaking as to whether we’ll see this available in the international market as well. Maybe the international version will the SM-G910 that we brought you news about not long ago. Maybe not. We’re made to understand that the device is a limited edition so save for the tech press, you may not see many of these in your nearest phone shop.

Galaxy Round curved Samsung device leaks 2

Galaxy Round curved Samsung device leaks 1

The device has all the looks of the Galaxy S4 save for the USB charging connector at the bottom of the device that it borrows from the Galaxy Note 3. It has a USB 3.0 charging port just like Samsung’s new phablet lending credence to recent reports that it will indeed be based on the Note 3. Everything else though is just the S4’s look and design. We’re not sure if it also has the same internals but with recent Samsung devices for the Far East like the recently leaked Galaxy J packing a Snapdragon 800 and the usual LTE-Advanced network standard (you can even see this plastered on the back of the device), it is not hard to figure out what is under that curvy body.


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