LG serves up ads mocking Galaxy devices and iPhones


You can trust LG to do this. While LG East Africa had this, their colleagues in Europe had something else. Look at the photos below of the targeted ads that LG is running in Sweden:

On the Samsung Galaxy S4

LG ads 4

On the Apple iPhone 5s

LG ads 6

On the HTC One

LG Ads 5

Yes those are ads that LG is serving up on the Samsung Galaxy S4 (and other high end Galaxy devices) and Apple’s iPhone. In some really well-targeted form of marketing, those ads by LG are appearing in Sweden on iPhones when the users are connected to the internet and browsing making fun of the iPhones’ tiny screens. On the Galaxy S4, the ads are being served up as you wait for something to load mocking the S4’s processor since LG’s G2 has the latest Snapdragon 800 that has a higher clock rate.  Not to be left behind, HTC also gets its fair share of the beating. On the HTC One LG’s ads are mocking that device’s battery life with a swiping jibe like “Tired of charging your HTC One?” That’s clever if you ask me since indeed the LG G2 packs very top of the range specs and things like how snappy it is at getting things done, its huge and awesome 5.2 inch display and the beefy 3000 mAh battery can’t be questioned. On the other hand, someone really needs to remind LG that it is what the users can do with the phone that really matters, not just specs or a me-too UI and features. Carry on LG.


Via: BI



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