Not to be left behind, LG also joins the #GalaxyNote3Ke bandwagon


Samsung yesterday officially launched the Galaxy Note 3 and the Galaxy Gear in Kenya. As is usual with well-choreographed things, it seems everything went according to plan because it is way past 24 hours that the hashtag #GalaxyNote3Ke has been trending locally on Twitter. Some marveling at the capabilities of the new device others at the steep Ksh 79,999 price and others simply hoping to win one since Samsung Mobile Kenya is always generous enough to reward some lucky Kenyans with a device through promos it runs on both Twitter and Facebook. There were some curious tweets though. Like those from LG East Africa through its Twitter account @LGE_EastAfrica. See for yourself:

LG Electronics E.A.  LGE_EastAfrica  on Twitter - Marketing Bluff GalaxyNote3Ke


I won’t call them out or jump into quick conclusions but LG EA can do much better by borrowing a leaf from Samsung and making their products like the G2 (a very good device by the way) also get super social media blitz and not just jumping in on a competitor’s efforts. For instance I only got to know that the G2 had been launched locally when I read it here on Techweez. Despite being very active on social media (read Twitter) for a better part of that day, there was hardly any mention of the device. I won’t even mention the few awkward tweets they have tagged me recently. Watch and learn guys!

Anyway, this is isn’t as bad as that Tecno video right?

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