Still on the BBM ‘waiting list’? You can get out of there


BBM for android and ios

BBM for Android and iOS has been around for over 24 hours now. Yesterday morning I posted an article on how you could easily bypass Blackberry’s locks and the virtual queue and just get BBM for Android. I’m doing a follow up. While that method surely did work for a good number of those who tried it out as soon as I posted it (seems Blackberry patched things up or something), for the rest who are still in that virtual queue and are still checking their inboxes without any communication from Blackberry, there are two things you can do. One is very obvious:

  1. Check your spam folder. I almost live in the most popular Android forums and some other exclusive ones that I’ve been invited to and never ever bothered to pitch tent in Blackberry forums but after nosing around for a few hours, many who registered with their emails and made to wait and had not yet received any communication from Blackberry as of last evening were reporting that the all important email was stuck in that goofy spam folder. I know its a no-brainer but please, check your spam folder, again!
  2. Fire up the BBM app on either your Android device or your iPhone and try logging in with the email address you registered with. Many are reporting that this worked for them. At times the system is overwhelmed and actually processes your request early enough but the mail gets delayed. You might get the mail a day from now yet your request was successfully process a few hours after registering. Go, enter your email address and see if it goes through.
  3. Let me state this from the onset: I don’t recommend this. The third way you can get BBM working and not have to wait is using the email address of a friend who already has a working BBM app on their iPhone or Android device. This has been proven to work. What you do is get that person’s email address and use it to register; since they already queued or had pre-registered, the system will recognize the email and allow you to proceed to the next step which is to create a Blackberry ID. Create it and you’re good to go. Once again, use this method at your own risk. Blackberry is blocking emails that are being used multiple times to create IDs so you should factor that before asking for someone’s email address or giving out yours. Also, be careful how you share your personal details like email addresses with strangers. Mind who you share them with please.

As usual your feedback on if this works is highly valued, please share with us what worked or did not work for you.