Did Google intentionally or mistakenly leak the Nexus 8 on the Android website?


Is this the nexus 8

This is the image that greets your eyes when you click the Apps and Entertainment tab on the Android website [android.com] and scroll down a bit. Now everyone seems to think that since the tablet captured in that image to showcase the vast number of apps on the Play Store is a little different from the Nexus 7 then it could as well be an upcoming Nexus tablet, one slightly larger than the Nexus 7, say an inch bigger, a Nexus 8. While that is a possibility, I still think maybe we’re overreacting and this could be the case of someone overdoing the editing on Adobe Fireworks or something of the sort.

Still, it is not the first time we are speculating about the Nexus 8 and if the “accidental” leak of the Nexus 5 by a Google employee on a video shoot of a new KitKat introductory video is anything to go by, this may be Google just showing us what is coming up next now that it is mum on whether we’ll see a successor to last year’s Samsung made Nexus 10 tablet.

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Via: The Verge