Asus likely to make the next Nexus 7 tablet, 2014 edition


Asus-Google Nexus 7

Something of interest came up during the Asus earnings call: news that the company is in talks to make the successor of the current fan favourite, Nexus 7 2013 edition.

Asus quarterly profit dipped by 26% compared to the same period last year thanks in part to some tax measures and the company is upbeat that another deal with Google to continue making the Nexus 7 tablet will go a long way in helping it expand its hold on the tablet market.

Rumours going round pointed to LG being the maker of the next Nexus tablet starting with the Nexus 8 and a 2014 7 inch sequel of the current Nexus 7. Asus has been tipped to be in line to landing the Nexus 10 contract from Google though there has been no significant news on that front so far and unless Google decides to surprise us going into the holidays, there may not be a large Google experience tablet for some time to come. After all the Nexus 10 is still as capable as ever and with a KitKat update to boot, those with that tablet are still assured a superior experience that will only be dampened by Android’s shortage of tablet-specific apps.



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